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Submitted on
July 3, 2011


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OH Guidelines are just like rules too, but we're just going to tell you guys on what each FOLDER means

:bulletblack: FEATURED

-  This Folder is Where CHOSEN Artworks by the ADMIN gets placed. If your WORKS are in this Folder, then u must be SUPER AWESOME!:lol:

:bulletwhite: Admin's Black and White

- This Folder Contains works from the Administrators

:bulletblack:   Yoh and Anna Asakura

-  Like what the folders says, It's a Folder for Yoh and Anna Only as a Couple durr~ not as individuals, We have a separate folder for that

:bulletwhite: Ren and Jeanne Tao

-  Same as above, But For Ren and Jeanne Only.

:bulletblack: Shaman Daddies Yo Ren

- Folders for Yo and Ren either together or individually

:bulletwhite: Shaman Mommies Anna Jeanne

- Folders for Anna and Jeanne either together or individually

:bulletblack:Shaman Kids Hana Asakura Men Tao

- Folders For : Hana (Anna and Yoh's Son) and Men (Ren and Jeanne's Son) either together or individually

:bulletwhite: Shaman Families

- Must Consist of the  Family e.g; either Ren or Jeanne or both with Men  and/or either Yoh or  Anna or both with Hanna get the Idea!

:bulletblack:Soul-Mates With Others

-Yoh and or Ren and or Jeanne and or Anna with other characters in Shaman King

So, That's it! :)
anyway, We are NOT really that strict about submission rules, just letting u guys know, cause we admins get to rearrange them in place, and it will be less work for us if u submit them properly :)

The Admins

LaLaLady61 Jul 3, 2011  Student Digital Artist
oke I'm sorry to ask this as a shaman king fan T_T
but I never knew that yoh and anna got a kid so I looked today at the manga and I don't get it! it only got 5 chapters of 5 pages long!!
I don't understand the end could some place give me a link or explain to me the end?
tenchufreak Jul 3, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hello! it's really embarrassing to say this, i don't really know how to answer so when you ask this question i looked it up! is this the 5 chapters you have read funbari-no-uta coz this is just a bonus that the author made as a side story before the reunion of the five warrior(Ren, Chocolove,lizerge, horhoro and yoh) in the end of Kanzenban

here's a new series of shaman king : Flowers it's about their son's (Hana)quest, but it's still on hiatus coz the writer is doing another manga,

uhm if you wanna know how the baby was made.... :XD: i just found out about this today :facepalm: read Shaman King Ch.77:Shaman on the road read up to page 18 >.> seriously i just found that out thanks to online forums OTL I'm convinced that they "slept together" when I have read this paticular conversation Yohken talking to Yoh about decendants Read up to the next page... Yoh was unsure how to answer >.>, anyway I hope those links helps :D sorry if it was too much my mind just explodes with new info thanks to your question :XD:
LaLaLady61 Jul 4, 2011  Student Digital Artist
omg thank you xDD and your welcome !!!
I will read then right away now x3333333333333333333333333333333333333
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