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Submitted on
July 3, 2011




Yeah I Know Everyone is Welcome in the Group but we still have rules to follow:)
pfft rules? who reads them anyway Don't worry guys we will keep it simple and short!

so here's a couple of NO NO's :ohnoes:

:ohnoes: no STOLEN artworks should be passes in this group.
:ohnoes: no yaoi yuri
:ohnoes: no OC
:ohnoes: no harrassing of members but if you have problems with the group note the founder and will try to talk about it   coz talking is healthy Do NOT note the CO-Founder!
:ohnoes: no Hentai and stuff like fluids etc.

Some YES YES :lol:

:lol: Gore is fine EXCEPT SUPER GORE! like guts all over the place and stuff like that
:lol: Just make sure you guys pass your works in the right folder. If you have problems on where you should put your works, you can contact the group by sending a NOTE
. But there are SUBMISSION Guidelines so you guys might want to read them first.

So I hope This Clears things up on RULES. Let's keep This Group Clean and Neat for all of us to ENJOY!
BrightSakura Sep 7, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
haha 'yes yes'. XD i see what you did there. :iconiseeplz:
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