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OH Guidelines are just like rules too, but we're just going to tell you guys on what each FOLDER means

:bulletblack: FEATURED

-  This Folder is Where CHOSEN Artworks by the ADMIN gets placed. If your WORKS are in this Folder, then u must be SUPER AWESOME!:lol:

:bulletwhite: Admin's Black and White

- This Folder Contains works from the Administrators

:bulletblack:   Yoh and Anna Asakura

-  Like what the folders says, It's a Folder for Yoh and Anna Only as a Couple durr~ not as individuals, We have a separate folder for that

:bulletwhite: Ren and Jeanne Tao

-  Same as above, But For Ren and Jeanne Only.

:bulletblack: Shaman Daddies Yo Ren

- Folders for Yo and Ren either together or individually

:bulletwhite: Shaman Mommies Anna Jeanne

- Folders for Anna and Jeanne either together or individually

:bulletblack:Shaman Kids Hana Asakura Men Tao

- Folders For : Hana (Anna and Yoh's Son) and Men (Ren and Jeanne's Son) either together or individually

:bulletwhite: Shaman Families

- Must Consist of the  Family e.g; either Ren or Jeanne or both with Men  and/or either Yoh or  Anna or both with Hanna get the Idea!

:bulletblack:Soul-Mates With Others

-Yoh and or Ren and or Jeanne and or Anna with other characters in Shaman King

So, That's it! :)
anyway, We are NOT really that strict about submission rules, just letting u guys know, cause we admins get to rearrange them in place, and it will be less work for us if u submit them properly :)

The Admins



Yoh Asakura


麻倉 葉

:bulletblack:Birth-Date: May 12, 1985

:bulletblack:Voiced by: Yūko Satō (Japanese)
Sebastian Arcelus (English)

:bulletblack:Appearance: Normal sized young man at 5'3". He has neck long dark brown hair and he is constantly seen wearing a pair of orange headphones behind or on his ears.

:bulletblack:Personality: A slacker by nature, Yoh maintains a carefree, laid-back attitude about everything, even with achieving his goal of becoming Shaman King.
Even though it is rarely seen, Yoh truly loves Anna with all of his heart and has decided that, when he becomes Shaman King, he will make her life easy. It is also believed that, before he left to America for the shaman fight, he and Anna "slept together" after Anna said to him "Tonight...may I sleep with you?" and his response was "Yes.
    • Trivia:
      • In regards to Anna, she is actually "love at first sight" to him. Simply by seeing her face for the first time (when they were ten) and when he thinks about her it makes him blush a lot.


      Anna Kyōyama



      :bulletblack:Birth-Date: July 25, 1985

      :bulletblack:Voiced by: Megumi Hayashibara (Japanese)
      Tara Jayne (English)

      :bulletblack:Appearance: Anna is a pretty, dark blond-haired girl. Her eyes are black in the anime and amber in the manga. She is almost always seen wearing a red bandana. Anna wears a jet black dress and around her neck she wears a rosary necklace used for her itako rituals. She wears wooden sandals with red straps and around her right wrist she wears a black bead bracelet.

      :bulletblack:Personality: Aggressive and decisive, Anna is a pragmatic person who appears cold and harsh. However, she has shown that she genuinely cares for those important to her, especially Yoh. She is extremely dedicated to be "The Ultimate Shaman Queen" and wife to Yoh, the first friend that she ever had. She firmly believes that Yoh is destined to become the Shaman King, and believes her duty as his fiancée is train him extensively for it.
      Anna loves Yoh, despite how badly she treats him - she told it to Oyamada Manta, and again to Silva. She became openly upset when it seemed Yoh would be killed by Tokagero. Anna can be extremely possessive of Yoh, beating him up once when she thought that the Oracle Bell he brought home was another woman's pager.

      • Trivia
        • Yoh and Anna's Wedding Anniversary is March 20


      Ren Tao


      道 蓮

      :bulletblack:Birth-Date: January 1, 1986

      :bulletblack:Voiced by:Romi Park (Japanese)
      Andrew Rannells (English)

      :bulletblack:Appearance: Tao Ren is shorter than Yoh and most of his friends, at 4'9", but he seems to look taller when the length of the spike in his hair is added up. This spike is a part of his hairstyle called tongari. He is relatively thin, and his spiked hair is a shade of dark purple. Ren's eyes are golden in the anime, but in the manga's colored pages, they usually appear gold, brown or the same color as his hair

      :bulletblack:Personality: He is serious, logical, and emotionally aloof. He tries hard to maintain a tough and confident exterior and is aloof, but deep down would risk his life for his allies. Ren is a particularly impatient person with a very short temper, and isn't afraid to hurt the source of the anger. Because of how he was raised amongst dead corpses and spirits he began applying the survival of the fitest rule as a way of overcoming death.

      • Trivia:
        • Ren has an obsession with milk and the number 3.

        • It is mentioned in the interview part in the official Shaman King character book, that he would like a girl if she is smaller than him and not very annoying.


      Iron Maiden Jeanne



      :bulletblack:Birth-Date: March 2, 1990

      :bulletblack:Voiced by: Yui Horie (Japanese)

      :bulletblack:Appearance: She is known for her blood red eyes and very long silver hair and almost fragile appearance. She is extremely charismatic;
      When in her armored form, Jeanne wears sandals with spikes going into her feet (yet they do not pierce her), wears a giant lock on her abdominal region, like a chastity belt and has what appear to be large thumbscrews on her hands. These three items seem to represent self-flagellation.

      During the mission to bring back Tao Ren she wore a Victorian era style dress and dress shoes. It is revealed that this is Jeanne's favourite dress,

      :bulletblack:Personality: Jeanne's heart is noble and pious, but she knows nothing of the outside world because she has stayed out of normal people's lives since she was a child. For that reason her devotees feel an immense amount of compassion and love for her, but also a great respect. She may look a little arrogant but she is totally pure and has no evil intentions.

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